EventDataPlatform.com provides access to our event data via a variety of different APIs and formats. The sections below describe each of the different APIs and how to use them. We strive to make all of our APIs simple and intuitive, if you have comments or suggestions on how we can make it better please get in contact.

Querying Event Data

There are two main ways to access and query the underlying event data:

  2. OData


The SPARQL endpoint is located at http://api.eventdataplatform.com/sparql/eventdata/sparql?query={expression}


More information about the querying data using SPARQL is available at http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-query/


The OData endpoint is located at http://api.eventdataplatform.com/odata/OData.svc/


More information about the querying data using the Open Data Protocol is available at http://www.odata.org/documentation/uri-conventions

Event URLs

Each event in EventDataPlatform.com has an address in the form http://data.eventdataplatform.com/events/{ID}. The RDF data of each event can be viewed when accessing these addresses,  such as http://data.eventdataplatform.com/events/7a736394-2245-405a-93a6-2900a5a632ba